Team Check In Checklist

MANDATORY Online Check in 

* All forms located under “Forms and Rules” page

All teams must check in online prior to the tournament.  

Deadline to check in is Friday, May 26th (10:00 PM EST)

THE FOLLOWING MUST be uploaded into your teams GotSoccer acct:  

  • Team’s Official roster  (USYSA, US Club, etc) 
  • Player ID Cards for travel players 
  • REC TEAMS: 2 copies of completed Roster/Waiver and verification that your players are current Rec players  
  • Completed Team Info Sheet 
  • The Medina Invitational Roster/Waiver form complete with all parent signatures 
  • Concussion Certificate from coach 
  • Guest Player forms (from your governing org.—ie: US Club, OYSAN, etc.), if required (4 max guest players allowed per team)  
  • Teams from outside the State Association where the tournament is located must provide proof of permission to travel (Travel Permit). US Club teams do NOT need a travel permit. Teams must be in good standing with their Federation Organization. 


Online / GotSport Check-In Instructions for Medina Invitational 6/3-6/4

All teams are required to complete team check-in for each tournament online through GotSport.

Teams that complete online registration will receive a confirmation emailby the Wednesday before the event.

The email address listedas “Primary Contact” for this specificevent will receive the team confirmation.

Please do not send individual inquiries prior to the deadline listed on the website.

A complete check-in includes all the following:

  • State/Club Official Team Roster(USYSA or US Club)
  • All player passes (to match the official roster including guest player cards)
  • Team Info Sheet
  • Tournament Waiver Form
  • Concussion Cert for Coach
  • Guest Player Form (if applicable)
  • Permission to Travel (if applicable)

Directions to Complete Online Check-in

On the tournament webpage, please locate the tab “Forms and Rules”:

  1. Fill out and save the PDF labeled“Medina Invitational Roster/Waiver Form”Fill out and save the PDF labeled”Team Info Sheet”.
  2. Locate digital copy of teams State/Club (approved) Roster and current PlayerPasses (cards), including guest players.Please also locate digital copies of the:1) Concussion Certifications for each Coach,2) Guest Player form (if applicable) and3) Permission to Travel (if applicable).

Submit these documents to your GotSport account:

  1. SCAN or SAVE each document as an individual PDF. 

UPLOAD Documents to GotSport:

 Log in to your coach/manager account and click on the “Team Management” button.

 Click on the name of the team you are working on.

 Open the “Registrations” tab.

  Click on the Event that you are Working to Upload Documents.

  Open the”Registration” tab.

  Next click on the “Edit” button.

 For any files that are being asked to be uploaded, you will be able to

  click on the “choose file” button and upload accordingly. If you have

  a challenge uploading a document, there is a good chance that the

  document is too large and will need to be decreased in size.


Thank you again for your team’s participation in MIST  

If you have any check-in questions, please contact the GotSoccer check-in team using the email address below